I had two choices for racing this past weekend—the Wolfpack Classic road race in Bonsal, NC, which I’d done last year, or the Snowcone Criterium in Richmond. I decided on Richmond since it was a three hour drive and a full field instead of a six hour drive and a less than half full field.

Brian Sacawa's Raleigh Militis 3

I’d heard that the first race in the series two weeks ago featured a break that rolled from the gun. Apparently the field remembered that and was determined to not let anything get away this time. However, that didn’t stop several of us from trying relentlessly. But despite some of our best efforts nothing was allowed to fly for longer than a lap. Pretty frustrating but even if Dan King wasn’t wearing the leader’s jersey he’d surely be a marked man.

In the closing five laps it basically came down to who had the fitness at this early point in the season to hang up front. Once the lap cards came out I moved myself up to the front of the field. I’d hoped to put in a move on the last lap but found myself just a little too far back prior to the 180-degree turn to the finish for it to have mattered. I ended up 8th. Not a terrible start to the season.