2012 Race Results

Ernie Simpson Memorial Time TrialSacawaCat 1/2
7thStage 4 - Green Mountain Stage Race (Crit)LazzarottoCat 2
Deep Blue Time Trial #2Sacawa35+
6thStage 3 - Green Mountain Stage Race (RR)LazzarottoCat 2
8thGC - River Gorge OmniumLazzarottoCat 2
6thRiver Gorge Omnium (RR)LazzarottoCat 2
8thRiver Gorge Omnium (TT)LazzarottoCat 2
4thDawg Days Circuit RaceGros45+
Highway To Heaven Hill Climb - MABRA ChampionshipSacawa35+
5thGC - Crossroads Cycling ClassicGros45+
5thCrossroads Cycling Classic - City Park CriteriumGros45+
Crossroads Cycling Classic - High Rock Road RaceGros45+
5thCrossroads Cycling Classic - Statesville CriteriumGros45+
Liberty CriteriumGros45+
6thGC - Tour of the ValleySacawaPro/1/2
4thStage 1 - Tour of the Valley (TT)SacawaPro/1/2
Iron Hill Criterium Men's Amateur RaceMaimone2/3
5thIron Hill Criterium Men's Amateur RaceWittwer2/3
8thIron Hill Twilight QualifierWittwer2/3
10thIron Hill Twilight QualifierMaimone2/3
GC - Tour of America's DairylandMaimoneCat 2
6thTour of America's Dairyland - Madison Capital Criterium Maimone2/3
4thTour of America's Dairyland - Downer ClassicMaimone2/3
Tour of America's Dairyland - Commonwealth ClassicGros45+
4thTour of America's Dairyland - Commonwealth ClassicWittwer2/3
Tour of America's Dairyland - Sheboygan Harbor ChallengeGros45+
4thTour of America's Dairyland - Sheboygan Harbor ChallengeLazzarotto2/3
6thTour of America's Dairyland - Sheboygan Harbor ChallengeMaimone2/3
4thTour of America's Dairyland - Fond du Lac Road RaceWittwer2/3
Tour of America's Dairyland - Schlitz Park CriteriumWittwer2/3
4thTour of America's Dairyland - Schlitz Park CriteriumMaimone2/3
9thTour of America's Dairyland - Schlitz Park CriteriumLazzarotto2/3
Reston Town Center Grand PrixNovak1/2/3
10thReston Town Center Grand PrixWittwer1/2/3
Reston Town Center Grand PrixGros45+
Greenbelt Park Training RaceSacawa1/2/3
6thGC - Tour of Washington CountySacawa1/2/3
4thStage 3 - Tour of Washington County (Criterium)Novak1/2/3
7thStage 2 - Tour of Washington County (Individual Time Trial)Sacawa1/2/3
Stage 1 - Tour of Washington County (Road Race)Maimone1/2/3
4thStage 1 - Tour of Washington County (Road Race)Novak1/2/3
9thStage 1 - Tour of Washington County (Road Race)Gros45+
4thTour of Washington County Kickoff CriteriumGros45+
8thTour of Washington County Kickoff CriteriumNovak1/2/3
9thTour of Washington County Kickoff CriteriumLazzarotto1/2/3
Lucerne CriteriumNovak1/2/3
8thHistoric Riverton CriteriumMaimone1/2/3
8thClarendon CupWittwer1/2/3
Ride Sally RideSacawa35+
10thRide Sally RideGros35+
4thStage 2 - Killington Stage Race (Individual Time Trial)SacawaCat 2
4thStage 1 - Killington Stage Race (Road Race)NovakPro/1
8thStage 1 - Killington Stage Race (Road Race)MaimoneCat 2
Wilmington Grand PrixWittwer2/3
Wilmington Grand Prix Monkey Hill Time TrialMaimone2/3
4thPoolesville Road RaceWittwer1/2/3
6thPoolesville Road RaceNovak1/2/3
Poolesville Road RaceGros45+
Collegiate National ChampionshipNovakD1
Speedweek - Roswell CriteriumNovak2/3
4thStage 2 - Rock Lititz Tour (Team Time Trial)TeamPro/1/2
9thStage 1 - Rock Lititz Tour (Road Race)DawsonPro/1/2
6thRoanoke Twilight CriteriumWittwerPro/1/2
4thCarl Dolan MemorialGros35+
Carl Dolan MemorialGros45+
4thBlack Hills Circuit RaceGros35+
6thJefferson Cup Road RaceLazzarotto1/2/3
8thSnowcone CriteriumSacawaPro/1/2