Last weekend’s racing in Greenville, SC was good for Integrated as racer Marcos Lazzarotto brought back 5th place. Racing at Donaldson Center was aggressive with numerous attacks going from the start. However, this time around it took the break about half the race to get established. When it did, Marcos and over 15 other riders found themselves up the road from the now 40 rider deep field.

After the break got established, the pace was only peaceful for a couple of miles. As riders grew unsatisfied with the large size of the group, the fireworks resumed. Finally, a group of 2 riders was able to slip away about 3 miles from the finish and after getting pushed onto the grass with 150m to go, Marcos was able to secure 3rd on the sprint for 5th place in a competitive field.

Stay tuned as we head down to Greenville yet again this Saturday – the River Falls Road Race offers twisty sections and a mile long climb that racers will face 10 times. This is a good breakaway course and one that Marcos hopes to bring good results from.

Finally, sunshine and blue skies – the reason why we love racing in South Carolina: