Pyramid Training Systems breaks bicycle racing down into the components necessary to race effectively. We focus on the basic skill of cycling with expansion of one’s effective cadence range, accelerations, sprinting, cornering, climbing and bike handling skills.

Solid cycling fitness is having the endurance, muscular endurance, to sustain the volume and work required to compete. Proper endurance training develops, maximizes and stabilizes the energy use systems. This is the single most important requirement for a new competitor in their first years of the sport, and is re-established annually by the experienced competitor. We also recommend that our athletes cross train using a program called Core Performance, to help you become athletic, agile, and more powerful on the bike.

Pyramid Training Systems creates customized training plans specifically matched to you. With appropriate amounts of structured and unstructured training, along with correct doses of rest, your fitness levels and racing results will reach new heights, as will your enjoyment of this fantastic sport!

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