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3rd, Joe Martin Road Race
Marcos Lazzarotto, Cat 1/2
4th, Page County Road Race
Jameson Ribbens, Cat 2/3
4th Carl Dolan Criterium
Bill Gros, 45+
3rd, NoDa Criterium
Greg Wittwer, Cat 2/3
3rd, River Falls Road Race
Marcos Lazzarotto, P/1/2

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Results Recap: May 2012

Greg Wittwer on the podium at Wilmington GP

Greg Wittwer on the podium at Wilmington GP

The team began the month of May by rolling into Wilmington, DE for the Wilmington Grand Prix. Nick Maimone kicked the weekend off on Friday evening by putting in a strong ride over the cobbles of the Monkey Hill Prologue Time Trial, earning a solid 2nd Place despite dropping his chain on the course’s final climb. The following day at the technical 8-corner criterium, the team avoided multiple crashes and set up Greg Wittwer to launch into a late race breakaway, out of which he scored the the team’s second podium in as many days, finishing in 3rd Place.

David Novak cleaning up the field sprint at Poolesville

In the Poolesville Road Race, one of the toughest one-day events on the MABRA calendar, Greg Wittwer once again found himself in a late-race move. Team members Brian, Nick, and David, patrolled the front of the field in the closing laps, ensuring Greg’s break would stick. Greg stayed off the front, ending up in 4th Place while David Novak dominated the field sprint to take out 6th Place. And earlier in the Masters 45+ race, Team Director Bill Gros sprinted onto the podium in 3rd Place.

A dusty team after the Poolesville Road Race

May came to close in Killington, VT as the team lined up for the “legendary” Killington Stage Race. In the Cat 2 Stage 1 Road Race Nick Maimone rolled away early in the 70-mile race with a 3-man breakaway that was unfortunately reeled in just 3 miles from the finish. Nick reintegrated into the field and found something special in his legs to take 8th Place in the sprint. While in the Pro/1 Stage 1 Road Race, David Novak freelanced his way to an incredible 4th Place. In the Cat 2 Stage 2 Time Trial Brian Sacawa threw down a powerful performance to land 4th Place on the stage.

Team at the summit finish of Stage 3 of Killington

Traveling with TOPO Designs

TOPO Designs
Our most recent addition to the squad is a chic mountain-wear brand called TOPO Designs. Thanks to the Colorado based, made in the US of A brand, our whole team is outfitted with travel gear for adventure, travel, and daily life. I’ve put alot of mileage on my Topo gear in a short amount of time. Traveling between Philadelphia and New York City during the week, the Daypack is the perfect primary bag for daily use. I quickly noticed when riding my Raleigh Sprite 27 cruiser through my city to city commute, that the Daypack was the most comfortable pack I had ever used. In the past I’ve used products by North Face, Lowe Alpine, etc. I often use the TOPO Duffel as a utility bag to carry tools to the occasional off-site job.

Come the weekend, the terrain shifts and I can be caught traveling via TOPO anywhere from South Carolina up to Vermont. In parking lots, on mountains, in dirt, pouring rain in city and country, bright sun, and so on. You name it and the simplicity and durability of these bags perform. Not only that but the product line has everything you need as a cyclist or outdoor enthusiast. The Daypack holds my essentials, and the Duffel is more than enough to hold helmet, shoes, clothing, tools, and other equipment.

The aesthetics and minimalist decisions made by TOPO are eye-catching and will not let you down. We are very excited to have partnered with a brand that can make our lives easier with comfort and style.

Ronde van Mullica – The Beginning

Nick Maimone's race number
The Ronde Van Mullica road race has been a staple to the tri-state race calendar for the past few years. Located on my old stomping grounds, the race takes place in the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey.  Although at heart this is a local scene race, over the years it has attracted professionals and elite amateurs both local, national, and international. Three years back the New Zealand national team had showed, in 2011 Mike Chauner (Cykelcity Sweden) and Tom Soladay (Kelly Benefits) showed among many other top elite teams from Virginia up to NY (Stans/AXA, etc).

Last year I had bridged up to an early break and grabbed 7th out of the break. This year I wanted to build on my 2011 result and one up myself. Although I knew my aspirations, I also knew that growing regional teams such as QCW, The Caffeinated Cyclist, Don Beyer Kia, etc. would be fielding teams of up to 15 riders. Knowing that I would be one of two INTEGRATED riders registered, I knew I’d have to play my cards right to land in a break with the right combination of teams and riders. Often locally the dominant teams will send people up the road and if you try to bridge, you get chased down time and time again. This can be alot of energy and no result, but sometimes you manage to break free. This season’s start list told me that I may not be able to play the game of racing aggressively now that team sizes have swelled and I was left to fend for myself. Throughout the week I tried getting into my head that I will not try to go with every attack, I will relax, watch, and wait for a few opportune moments, give them a shot, see what the result is, re-evaluate.  I did exactly this. I watched countless promising moves go up the road for both short and long amounts of time. They just weren’t working. The field of over 75 riders was feisty and showing off early season fitness.

After a few attacks, attempts to bridge, etc. I could not break free and decided to try to sit in, be patient, wait for a last minute move in the last lap, and if all else fails position myself for the sprint. I ended up doing the latter. The sprint was slightly downhill, on a long stretch of road. Things were rolling and then got very fast as the line approached. I was blocked in but patiently waiting to jump. I jumped and saw that I was in the front group of the sprint. Crossed the line for 13th place. Not what I hoped for, but I’ll take it when considering the field size and horsepower I saw out there today.

So it begins…2012 Racing.

Bill Gros 4th at Black Hills 35+

Bill Gros sprinting at Black Hills
This is effectively the first race of the Mid Atlantic season. It’s a challenging course at the Black Hills Regional Park in Boyds Maryland. It’s a 1.5mile curvy loop with a short sharp climb to the finish line that comes every three to three and a half minutes, so recovery time is short. The scheduled distance for the Masters 35+ race was 15 laps, 23 miles.

As with the first races of the season, I always question my fitness and how it stacks up against the competition. In this particular case, I had a really solid pre-race training ride on Saturday hitting some good power figures over a pair of 30-second, 1-minute, and 4-minute intervals that left me feeling more confidant than usual. Race morning went silky smooth with no pre-race nervousness, I was calm and collected and went through my warm-up routine with no hang-ups. I got several compliments on my new kit, the Integrated Sports Medicine powered by Pyramid Training Systems outfit is sharp and I was wearing my brand new bright red Bontrager RXXXL shoes courtesy of Bicycle Outfitters of Leesburg.

This season will prove to be interesting as I will be racing essentially solo in the Masters fields with no teammates. Essentially racing “against” my good friends on my former team, Evolution p/b Long and Foster. Being a sprinter though, it won’t be as much of a hindrance as I’m free to “surf” wheels at the end of a race preparing for the sprint. If I were a break-away type rider, then the handicap would be pretty significant without teammates.

The beginning of the event had us heading up the climb straight away and as soon as we arrived at the top, Andy Cicero of HPC took off with Andreas Gutzeit of NCVC heading after him. I thought this was a bit early and figured it was to set up a different HPC rider later in the event once Andy was reeled back in. Andreas eventually was dropped and returned to the field, but George Ganoung of ABRT bridged to Andy and they held it to the end with Andy taking a well deserved win.

My thinking was to take advantage of any large group that could break away from the peloton which happened last season when a group of about a dozen broke free about 2/3 of the way through the race. I followed every acceleration hoping a group of at least 5 or 6 would shake loose, but to no avail. Efforts by Evolution and XO Communications were for not and it was obvious the field would be racing for the remaining three paying spots.

XO came to the front in the closing laps looking to set up Chip Hoover and Jose Nunez as the field went single file during the last lap. I was having an easy time climbing the hill every lap and felt confidant that my sprint could carry me to a paying position and slotted in line about 8-10 deep. This was a touch further back than I was hoping but as we approached the hill for the final burst to the line, the seas parted as riders struggled in sprint mode and I simply eased, or maybe blasted, my Raleigh Militis 3 bike past everyone to hit the line first out of the peloton. Jeff Dickey effectively won the field sprint as he separated himself from the group at the base of the climb with a really powerful effort. If I’d started right beside him he would have out sprinted me handily, so nice job by Jeff.

Overall, I was pleased, an opening race 4th place money paying finish! The fitness is solid and my plan of garnering early results in April is coming as planned. I have a break coming in late April to attend my brothers wedding on a cruise ship before ramping it up again into the summer season. I’m looking forward to directing out elite squad representing our new sponsor, Integrated Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. We plan on coming together in full force as a team, once two of our members come out of collegiate nationals as we head into May.

Next up, the spring classic Jefferson Cup road race in Charlottesville, Virginia. A rolling and challenging 60-mile road race for the Masters 30+/40+ and 70mile race for teammates Greg Wittwer and Marcos Lazarotto.

Team Training Camp: March 15-18th

Team training camp
We’re all pumped for the upcoming season and everything’s coming together smoothly as we head into our first training camp:

Recruit Riders: Check.

Secure Sponsorship deals: Check.

Build Raleigh Militis 3 racing machines: Check.

Racing Gear from Endo Customs: On it’s way.

Training Camp March 15th-18th: Can’t wait!

The planning process is never over, but I’m happy to get a chance to ride and possibly race with the team this weekend!

Greg Wittwer was able to secure an awesome house for the team and we’ll head up to Wintergreen this weekend for 4 days of training on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It will be a nice shift going from talking about cycling via our team list to actually riding bikes together.

Our training for the camp was outlined by Bill Gros, our Team Director and owner of sponsor Pyramid Training Systems, and routes were picked carefully by Greg—everyone’s motivated to put in some great riding and get to know each other better. I can’t wait to see what they have going for us!

Stories about camp will follow. Stay tuned!

Sacawa Top 10 at Snowcone Criterium

I had two choices for racing this past weekend—the Wolfpack Classic road race in Bonsal, NC, which I’d done last year, or the Snowcone Criterium in Richmond. I decided on Richmond since it was a three hour drive and a full field instead of a six hour drive and a less than half full field.

Brian Sacawa's Raleigh Militis 3

I’d heard that the first race in the series two weeks ago featured a break that rolled from the gun. Apparently the field remembered that and was determined to not let anything get away this time. However, that didn’t stop several of us from trying relentlessly. But despite some of our best efforts nothing was allowed to fly for longer than a lap. Pretty frustrating but even if Dan King wasn’t wearing the leader’s jersey he’d surely be a marked man.

In the closing five laps it basically came down to who had the fitness at this early point in the season to hang up front. Once the lap cards came out I moved myself up to the front of the field. I’d hoped to put in a move on the last lap but found myself just a little too far back prior to the 180-degree turn to the finish for it to have mattered. I ended up 8th. Not a terrible start to the season.

Raleigh Militis 3 Racing Bike Review

Raleigh Bicycles Militis 3
Thanks to Jason Morris of Raleigh Bicycles and Bicycle Outfitters of Leesburg, Integrated Sports Medicine p/b Pyramid Training Systems has been provided with the top-of-the-line Raleigh Militis 3 road racing bike for our 2012 season. Our desire is to help increase the presence of the Raleigh brand along the East Coast.

Having come from racing a 2005 Colnago E1 and 2008 Colnago CLX over the past six seasons, the Raleigh is actually my first true top of the line racing bike, and I can honestly say that it is a top flight machine. Spec’d with Sram Red (Black version), FSA bars, stem, and post, an Avenir carbon saddle, Mavic Kysyrium SLR wheels, and a Quarq power meter set in a Sram Red crankset, this bike weighs in right at 15lbs. The stiffness is immediately obvious, particularly in the front end. The bike feels equally stiff from the front end through the bottom bracket with no whipping of the rear end through the stays. Nice! The steering is very responsive thanks to the 73.5degree head tube angle, it almost begs for aggressiveness as any casual steering elicits a casual response until you really get after it, then it really will dart through to where you want to go. I can see this being pretty handy in tight criteriums. I feel nicely centered on the bike, despite my slightly forward position compared to most, the 73-degree seat angle and appropriate bottom bracket drop dimension make for a proper center of gravity, and weight distribution for predictable handling and balance.

The Sram Red on the Militis 3 in black finish is nice looking, known to be lightweight, and functions quite well. I raced the past three seasons with Sram Red and have no complaints. The derailleurs do require precision with their set up, but once they’re set, the shifting is quick and positive. I have the Sram crankset paired with a Quarq power meter and Garmin 500 receiver. The crank is incredibly stiff and I’ve already downloaded seven workouts with the Quarq/Garmin combination with no issues. The FSA carbon compact bars and stem are again a stiff combination. I had some doubts about the stem but the aluminum alloy body and pretty carbon overlay have proved my initial pre-test inclination to be wrong! The Avenir saddle with carbon rails is light and flat with a continuous channel down the middle for pressure relief. I did four hours plus on my very first ride on this saddle with no issues.

The Mavic Ksyrium SLR wheels are surely interesting pieces. The front is the Ksyrium we’re used to seeing with bladed spokes. The rear wheel is similar with bladed spokes on the drive side and the round carbon spokes from the Mavic R-Sys wheel line on the non-drive side. The entire wheel system has a super hard exalith coating applied to enhance wheel finish durability. The braking surface has raised grooves, almost like tight grooves of a phonograph record, running perpendicular to the direction of the brake pads. The stopping power is second to none, and Mavic provides a second pair of brake pads, as you’re likely to burn through the first sets very quickly while the braking surface is “conditioned” through its break in period. The hubs are typical Mavic Ksyrium with carbon housings, and would assume at this time, bearings that will last for many seasons of use as has been my experiene with my Mavic Kysrium ES wheel set. This SLR wheel set only weighs 1400grams, and is evident by the way in which they quickly spin up to speed. I plan to train on these wheels, and will use them in road races and criteriums in which rough course conditions or wind conditions will make these the suitable choice.

The Raleigh Militis 3 may not be the most recognizable bike in the peloton, like some other brands we know of, but it’s matte black finish, simple white and gray graphics, along with the finish of the SRAM, FSA, Avenir components make for an understated coolness that can burn when called upon to do so. Think Miles Davis, Kind of Blue or 1950s West Coast cool jazz. Hip without trying, and cool the way the cool kids want to be, but are afraid to try. Come on, I dare you to try this bike…

2012 Kits by ENDO Customs

We’re extremely excited to have partnered with Endo Customs as our clothing sponsor this season. Endo has a design aesthetic and attention to detail that we instantly connected with. Stay tuned for our 2012 kit design. And check out this short feature on the company.

Desire to Inspire from Joseph Torres on Vimeo.

2012 Team Announcement

Integrated Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy along with Pyramid Training Systems announce the formation of Integrated Sports Medicine p/b Pyramid Training Systems, a new elite amateur cycling team based in the Mid-Atlantic region and led by Team Director Bill Gros.

“My desire to have my own team presented itself last summer,” explains Gros. “A group of young men found they had the chemistry and desire to execute teamwork and race together as a unit. They lacked a leader, someone willing to direct what they thought could be a promising new team. When our team sprinter, Andrew Bridges, approached me to see if I’d be interested in leading this group, I jumped at the opportunity and Pyramid Elite Racing was born.”

The 2012 Integrated Sports Medicine p/b Pyramid Training Systems cycling team is comprised of six elite athletes in addition to Gros as Team Director. The team seeks to epitomize the qualities and benefits of teamwork and to act as model representatives of its sponsors and supporters by upholding and exceeding expected conduct at its racing venues and competitions. “With the backing of our outstanding sponsors we are set to strive for the racing success we seek as well as the continual growth and prominence of Pyramid Elite Racing for many years to come,” adds Gros.

The team’s mission and ideals appealed to Robyn O’Connor, owner of Integrated Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, who generously offered her support as the new team’s title sponsor after being approached by Gros. “Integrated Sports Medicine is extremely excited to have partnered with Pyramid Elite Racing and the Mid-Atlantic cycling community this year,” says O’Connor. ” We are a state-of-the-art sports medicine facility that hopes to help our team achieve optimal levels of performance. As a new cycling sponsor, we are eager to become more involved not only with our team, but also the wider local cycling community.”

In addition to Integrated Sports Medicine and Pyramid Training Systems, the team is sponsored by Big Ring Creative, Endo Customs, Udderly Smooth, Raleigh Bicycles, Bicycle Outfitters, Emergen-C, Giro, Maxxis, Podium Cycling, and Team Kattouf.

2012 Roster:
Bill Gros, Team Director
Steven Black
Andrew Bridges
Marcos Lazzarotto
Nick Maimone
Brian Sacawa
Greg Wittwer

Facebook: Pyramid Elite Racing
Twitter: @PyramidElite

Bill Gros – Team Director

Residence: Ashburn, VA

Category 2

Racing Age: 48

Years Racing: 21

Height: 5′ 10″

Weight: 162lbs

Strengths: Sprinting

Likes: Wife Jennifer, funk

Dislikes: Rude people and red tape