Means - TT Residence: Baltimore, MD

Category 2 (Road & CX)

Racing Age: 25

Years Racing: 5




Nickname: Lamb Chop, after hitting a sheep in an early-career USAC race, then finishing 2nd.
Occupation: Medical device design and market consultant
Race Bike: Blue Axino SL, SRAM Force, Quarq Power Meter
Favorite Pro: Mark Cavendish, especially after watching “Chasing Legends”
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Sport: Hockey, go Pens!
Favorite Quote: What the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve.
Personal Notes: I have always had a love of bikes from the time I could ride without training wheels. I can do some nifty things on a BMX and downhill mountain bike, but didn’t get in to road racing until my junior year of college, or cyclocross until my first year of grad. school. I enjoy technical, explosive criteriums, since there’s a bit of carry-over from 13 years of wrestling in the short, hard efforts.

Do you train solo or with friend or teammates? Majority solo, but group rides are great for mixing things up.

If you designed a bike, what would the headbadge design be? I have a lot of pride in my home state of PA, so perhaps a keystone? Maybe just a script “M”

Do you use a razor, electric, or wax? Razor, yo

What race are you most proud of? 2012 Leonardtown Criterium

If you could go on a ride with anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be? I’ve been trying to get some of my best non-cycling friends into the sport, and I know if I could setup a demo ride on some weekend they would do it. Need to try harder with this.

What musical artist do you currently listen to the most? Lots of Coheed & Cambria radio on Spotify

Do you prefer an energy drink or coffee? Dark, strong coffee

What is your favorite non-cycling magazine? The Economist and Outside always have good articles.

Where is your favorite place to ride? Anywhere in the Pacific Northwest from the Bay area up to British Columbia

What is your favorite race? Since I’m relatively new to the sport, I’m still exploring the history and learning new things. Milan-San Remo is always around my birthday, and I love classics. My favorite race to ride has been Cross Nats. So many people and chaos. It’s the sport of the future!

What is one piece of advice for an aspiring racer? The quicker you pin on your first number, the quicker you’ll be on your way to having fun. Don’t worry about fitness, results, etc. as these will all come in time. Everyone started somewhere.

Prior Year Results:

1st 2012 Rock Lititz Tour Criterium, Cat 3

4th 2012 Rock Lititz Stage Race Overall, Cat 3

1st 2012 Leonardtown Criterium (MD State Championship), Cat 3

3rd 2012 Tour of Washington County Criterium, Cat 3/4

6th 2012 Tour of Washington County Road Race, Cat 3/4