Marcos Lazzarotto Residence: Blacksburg, VA

Category 1

Racing Age: 23

Years Racing: 4

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight: 145lbs

Strengths: All-around, uphill sprints

Occupation: Aspiring Professional Cyclist, part-time Marketing Analyst
Race Bike: Raleigh Militis 3, SRAM Red, FSA
Favorite Pro: Peter Sagan
Favorite Food: Brazilian Barbecue
Favorite Sports: Cycling, Skiing
Favorite Quote: “Do what you love, love what you do.”
Personal Notes: Chasing the dream.

Do you train solo or with friend or teammates?
I do most of my key training rides solo, but often do my easier endurance and recovery rides with friends and/or teammates that live in the area.

If you designed a bike, what would the headbadge design be?
It would be a titanium Spark badge.

Do you use a razor, electric, or wax?

What race are you most proud of?
2012 Collegiate Conference Championship Road Race win out of a solo breakaway

If you could go on a ride with anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be?
Joaquim Rodriguez  - in a race, of course!

What musical artist do you currently listen to the most?
Bryan Adams

Do you prefer an energy drink or coffee?
I typically pass, but given the option I’d take coffee.

What is your favorite non-cycling magazine?
Go Outside is has good stories every now and then.

Where is your favorite place to ride?
Blacksburg, VA where I live! We have amazing riding here.

What is your favorite race?
Green Mountain Stage Race. Really like the place, love the race.

What is one piece of advice for an aspiring racer?
Spend more time riding with experienced racers and listen to their advice.

 Race Highlights


1st, 2012 ACCC Conference Championship Road Race P/1/2/3
3rd, 2013 River Falls Road Race P/1/2
3rd, 2012 Naval Academy Road Race P/1/2/3
4th, 2012 Tour of America’s Dairyland Criterium Cat 2
5th, 2013 Morgantown Road Race P/1/2/3
5th, 2013 Donaldson Center Road Race P/1/2
6th, 2013 Wolfpack Cycling Classic Road Race P/1/2/3
6th, 2012 Jefferson Cup Road Race P/1/2/3
6th, 2012 Green Mountain App Gap Road Race Cat 2