Ribbens Residence: Baltimore, MD

Category 2 (Road and CX)

Racing Age: 27

Years Racing: 7

Height: 6′ 2″

Weight: 150lbs

Strengths: Climbing




Occupation –Research Assistant
Race Bike – Cannondale Supersix
Favorite Pro – Fabian Canellara
Favorite Food – Cheese and Beer (yep, I’m from Wisconsin)
Favorite Sport: – Watching football is a great mental break from cycling, Go Packers!
Favorite Quote: – Anything Bill says.
What musical artist do you currently listen to the most? – Foxygen
What is your favorite non-cycling magazine? – Road and Track
Where is your favorite place to ride? – The mountains of Virginia and West Virginia.
Favorite Race – Green Mountain Stage Race, Page Valley Road Race is my favorite local race.
Do you prefer energy drink or coffee? – Espresso or good coffee
Do you train solo or with a friend or teammates? – Mostly solo but I like to do a hard group ride once a week as racing season approaches.
What is one piece of advice for an aspiring racer? – Race as much as you can. When I first started I didn’t race very much because I didn’t think I was fast enough. As a result, I didn’t progress as quickly as I could have. No amount of training replaces race experience.