Team training camp
We’re all pumped for the upcoming season and everything’s coming together smoothly as we head into our first training camp:

Recruit Riders: Check.

Secure Sponsorship deals: Check.

Build Raleigh Militis 3 racing machines: Check.

Racing Gear from Endo Customs: On it’s way.

Training Camp March 15th-18th: Can’t wait!

The planning process is never over, but I’m happy to get a chance to ride and possibly race with the team this weekend!

Greg Wittwer was able to secure an awesome house for the team and we’ll head up to Wintergreen this weekend for 4 days of training on the Blue Ridge Parkway.¬†It will be a nice shift going from¬†talking about cycling via our team list to actually riding bikes together.

Our training for the camp was outlined by Bill Gros, our Team Director and owner of sponsor Pyramid Training Systems, and routes were picked carefully by Greg—everyone’s motivated to put in some great riding and get to know each other better. I can’t wait to see what they have going for us!

Stories about camp will follow. Stay tuned!