Residence: Ashburn, VA

Category 2

Racing Age: 48

Years Racing: 21

Height: 5′ 10″

Weight: 162lbs

Strengths: Sprinting

Likes: Wife Jennifer, funk

Dislikes: Rude people and red tape

Occupation: Cycling Coach – Pyramid Training Systems
Race Bike: Raleigh Militis 3, SRAM Red, FSA, Quarq Power Meter
Favorite Pro: Philippe Gilbert
Favorite Food: Fried Rice and a good beer
Favorite Sports: F1, NASCAR
Favorite Quote: If you love to ride your bike, that’s half the battle.
Personal Notes: Came into cycling during the Greg Lemond era in 1985. Have had two cycling careers, from 1985 to 1994, then drove race cars and returned to cycling in 2001. It has since become my profession with my coaching business. Enjoy traveling and watching my beautiful wife Jen, tear up time trials all around the area.

Do you train solo or with friend or teammates?
I usually train solo during the week and with friends (ex-teammates) and/or clients on the weekends.

If you designed a bike, what would the headbadge design be?
The Pyramid Training Systems logo.

Do you use a razor, electric, or wax?
Razor! Tuesday and Friday! Shavin’!

What race are you most proud of?
2010 Capital Crit Masters Race.

If you could go on a ride with anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be?
Tough one, how about 10-miles each with Bill Cosby, Jean Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick, Bert Blyleven and a short one with Stevie Wonder, which would be interesting…

What musical artist do you currently listen to the most?

Do you prefer an energy drink or coffee?

What is your favorite non-cycling magazine?
They make other magazines? How about F1.

Where is your favorite place to ride?
Anywhere when the sun is shining, it’s 85 degrees, my bones are baking and my skin is tanning!

What is your favorite race?
Favorite pro race is the Giro. I love to compete at Roswell and Spartanburg during Speedweek.

What is one piece of advice for an aspiring racer?
Flatten the learning curve, get a coach!

2012 Race Highlights

1st, TofAD – Commonweath Classic, Masters 45+
2nd, Reston Town Center Grand Prix, Masters 45+
2nd, Carl Dolan Memorial, Masters 45+
2nd, Crossroads – High Rock Road Race, Masters 45+
3rd, TofAD – Sheboygan Harbor Classic, Masters 45+
3rd, Poolesville Road Race, Masters 45+
3rd, Liberty Criterium, Masters 45+
4th, Dawg Days Circuit Race, Masters 45+
4th, Tour of Washington County Kickoff Criterium, Masters 45+
4th, Black Hills Circuit Race, Masters 45+
4th, Carl Dolan Memorial, Masters 35+
5th, Crossroads – Statesville Criterium, Masters 45+
5th, Crossroads – City Park Criterium, Masters 45+
5th, GC – Crossroads Cycling Classic, Masters 45+
9th, Tour of Washington County Road Race, Masters 45+
10th, Ride Sally Ride, Masters 35+